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We are on a mission to equip businesses worldwide with a modern smartphone and the best productivity apps – digitizing the entire workforce.

Our Culture – Your Career

At the core of everphone's success lies a diverse and international team that works together in a trust-based culture. 


We are goal driven and passionate about our contribution to the success of the company. 


We like to take the politics and ego out of the job. Our employees receive a high degree of freedom to achieve their individual goals,  thrive on open, respectful feedback, and hold each other accountable for committed results.

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                                                                   Radical Candor

                                                                                     Honest feedback helps everyone grow




              Extreme Ownership                                                            Passion for everphone

           Take responsibility: fail, admit, learn, grow!                                                           Take every opportunity to make everphone a better place



                               Output not Input                                               No politics no ego

                                        Success is measured by results                                              Collaboration leads to progress and innovation                                                                                                            


Our values



Radical Candor

Honest feedback helps everyone grow


Extreme Ownership

Take responsibility: fail, admit, learn, grow!


Output not Input

Success is measured by results


No politics no ego

Collaboration leads to progress and innovation       


Passion for everphone

Take every opportunity to make everphone a better place


Our values

Our Values

Radical Candor

Caring about people means honest feedback that helps them grow.

Extreme Ownership

Take responsibility, don't blame, trust your pilot

Output, not Input

Your success is measured by results - not time spent

Make mistakes and learn

Mistakes are good! fail, admit, learn and grow!

No Politics, no Ego

Disagree and commit



Sustainability is at our core. We are part of the circular economy.


everphone's business model saves companies around 60kg of CO2 for each device rented, doubling the average device lifetime and returning more than 95% of raw materials into the production process.

With more than a billion smartphones sold anually, your job with everphone can make a difference – not only for your career.

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Friday drinks

Dog friendly office

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Personal Development

and Trainings

At everphone, we don’t just care about what you do but where you’re going with your career! As you contribute to our journey, we want to contribute to yours.


That is why we invest in personal development programs, courses, and coaching to better your career and success. Whether it’s e-learning, personal trainings or coaching, we offer blended learning, e-learning and practical recommendations.




Raluca Thomas

Head of HR

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Raluca has worked in HR for over 10 years. Her experience includes working for big corporates such as Bombardier Transportation and fast paced growth-ups such as Delivery Hero. Before everphone she was the Head of HR at Founderslane - a Digital Company Builder - setting up a scalable HR processes ecosystem not only for the company builder itself but also supported their ventures in helping build their HR departments.


Andre Huschek

Chief Technical Officer

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Next to working at Unister and HelloFresh, Andre helped incubate more than 22 startups in the food, fashion, general merchandise and furniture sectors at Rocket Internet.

His expertise lies in building, leading and developing tech and product teams.


Jan Dzulko


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Shortly after studying economics, Jan founded his first company Pecumax in 2003. He sold this B2B SaaS company to CHECK24 in 2008 and became CEO of CHECK24 Insurance AG from 2008-2012. Together with the founders of CHECK24, he then co-founded the incubator M Cube. In 2016, M Cube rebranded to Locadi and was integrated into CHECK24. Jan went on to found everphone.


Benjamin Bremmer


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Benjamin previously worked in London, Frankfurt and Munich for Triton, a European private equity & debt/special situations investment fund and CHECK24 where he gained operating experience in working with Product Management and IT teams.


Mehmet Isik


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Mehmet spent six years at Ernst & Young, focusing on regulatory change and performance improvement alongside large corporates of the financial services industry. He holds an MBA from TUM.



Dr. Henrich Blase

Co-Founder of CHECK24

Markus Polke

Partner at Signals VC

Kevin Ryan

Co-Founder of MongoDB
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Chris Muhr

Former COO of Auto1

Till Stenzel

Managing Director at DTCP
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Karsten Schröder

Hedge Fund Manager
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